UPT Hiring board (UPDATED March 20)

Before COVID-19 I had planned on hosting a UPT recruiting event, and UPT interview’s during our April UTA. Obviously, plans have changed. The April event is cancelled and the squadron has been required to close it’s doors to the outside world for the foreseeable future. So, until further notice please refrain from visiting the Okies, as visitor’s will no longer be permitted to enter the squadron until the viral episode we find ourselves in blows over. My hope is that we can all try this again in the fall and pickup where we left off.

Regarding UPT interviews… invites to interview have been made and I will be coordinating with the selected interviewees. Thanks to all that submitted your packets. Please know that if you meet the Air Force UPT minimums, I will retain your submitted packet for one year. After our interviews this spring I will reassess our need for UPT hires and make a determination on the potential for an additional UPT board this year. If we proceed with an additional board I will post it here on www.okiepilothiring.com and run the same adds you’ve previously seen on third party websites. It always helps to sign up for the updates via this site too as this is where I will communicate our future open houses.

Stay safe, the squadron looks forward to meeting you in the future.

If you'd like to become an Air Force Reserve pilot in the 465th ARS (Air Refueling Squadron) you've landed in the right place. This website will walk you through our pilot selection process. If you follow the guidance here, you'll be well on your way to becoming a SH OKIE.

I’m sure you’re aware, that it's a great time to be a pilot - both in the Air Force Reserve and in the civilian world. All of our pilots are ‘citizen airmen’ - we are either “full time” technicians (DoD employees that effectively run the squadron every day), or traditional reservists with other civilian jobs; airline/freight/corporate pilots. We even have a few Okies that are local business professionals, and they get to go fly the reliable tanker a few times a month to impress their co-workers. Regardless, we have expectations of all our pilots:

- Participate at the UTA (Unit Training Assembly), also known as drill weekend. While many of us are at the squadron several times a month to fly, drill weekends are really the only chance every month where we are all together. Yes, we work a lot, but UTA’s also prove to be a great time for Okie camaraderie!

- Two to four off-station trips per year. We go to some great places, and these are great opportunities to see the world! These trips can last a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the location and the mission. There’s usually something for everyone.

- Deployments. Until the geo-political landscape changes for the better, we are expected to deploy when called up. The one benefit is that you will be going with all your friends and we always make the best of the situation!

- Last but not least, while we need our reservists to be exceptional aviators and officers, we understand that family and civilian life are just as important as (if not more than) your Okie reserve life. In this respect, learning to balance a reserve career with everything else going on can be daunting - but there’s a reason we pride ourselves on being a family, and the best squadron around. We all look out for each other, and you’ll make lifelong friends that you’ll do anything for, and they’ll do the same for you!

While we require our candidates to be competitive, it is incredibly important to the squadron that each candidate is going to be someone that wants to be an Okie for a long time! We are a squadron with character because we have a squadron of characters, from all ends of the spectrum. However, what is most important is that we are a family. Most of us have been in the squadron for over a decade, and the vast majority of our pilots and booms elect to finish their careers with us!

If you have never been in the military or have never graduated from a formal military fixed wing training program click the image above.

If you have ever commissioned in any service branch AND have graduated from a formal fixed wing military training program click the image above.